Mexican Cafe, Simple Menu

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Mexican Cafe, Simple Menu

Tired of missing the boat, or in this case the next hot area in Brooklyn. Over the last ten years young professionals have escaped huge rents & high cost of Manhattan for more reasonable prices across the river in Brooklyn. Mexican restaurant located in Brooklyn serving organic, fresh and delicious Mexican food to eat there or take out or have it delivered This fast growing money making listing is established 2 year and growing fast. Every dish they prepared is fresh with all-natural ingredients. They serve Burritos, Nachos, Quesadillas & Sides. This small very busy niche restaurant has a outdoor rear patio the even have movie nights cold beers and lots of specials. Seller offers his full support. This listing is run mostly absentee and has lots of room to grow and open more locations. Seller may consider partner MONEY MAKER LISTING!

Facilities / Terms of Lease: Indoor seating for 8, with a 1300 s/f patio

Mexican Cafe, Simple Menu
New York
Indoor seating for 8, with a 1300 s/f patio 1
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  • Mexican Cafe, Simple Menu

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Mexican Cafe, Simple Menu

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