Business intermediaries are business professionals providing specialized services in any business transaction always acting as third “neutral” parties to help transfer owner ship of any business. An intermediary or one of our certified or licensed experts who are trained business broker consultants can assist you or you can use National Business Match to sell a business on your own and save the commission.

We provide, seller valuation and buyer hand books and more for $4.95 each. Each explains the process and provides a predetermined formula to assess areas of businesses from the value of any business to trends and formulas. It offers insight for either party to use to valuate the conditions regarding either party.

Business brokers are also called agents, consultants or intermediaries. They can be either a buyer’s agent or a sellers agent or they can be neutral, but regardless of what they are called around our nation or even around the world, they are an asset if they are knowledgeable and honorable. Interview your consultant before signing anything.

We have a business network at NBM, you can start a home based business, franchise, route or any other kind of business. Our NBM business network provides access to everything from business needs to insurance and from financial support to marketing. The NBM web site is a one stop shopping network for almost every one of your business needs.

NBM has an international intermediary on hand for overseas business opportunities as well as for businesses, routes, franchise business opportunities or for franchise re-sales.