The business valuation process is a complex process, as a seller you need to know your ranges in many context’s and buying the seller hand book for $4.95, you can find it under the NBM store . These books will help you understand the process much better. Valuing your business is a huge part of the sales process this can rate the buyer value much easier because serious buyers know the proper valuation. The broker knows the right price use one as an intermediary to keep the buyer calm during the business negotiations and a good broker will become a cushion to finalize negotiations.

An intermediary or one of our certified or licensed experts who are trained business broker consultants can assist you by explaining the process and providing predetermined formulas to assess the value of almost any business. These valuation assessments work to help people better understand the true value of businesses.

Most people think their businesses are worth more than they are actually worth. There are so many over looked assets and even more assets that people assume have value while in fact they expose weaknesses in the business and have limited value in calculating the value of any business. There are actually many things people think add value, but they devalue a business. The books we provide are not designed to provide a happy ending they should be considered a lists of fact sheets.