National Business Match is the ultimate interactive website meeting place for businesses to be bought and sold and is the only business brokerage website supported by its own telemarketing call centers. We are also associated to a network of business web sites, which are offering our exclusive advertising and marketing services to business professionals to sell their businesses professionally and efficiently.

The leads NBM supplies to sellers that list their businesses are different in nature, while they all contact a seller direct in the same way, each is unique and requires an industry touch. All NBM website visitors should buy at least one of the seven e books available for $4.95 and not be penny wise and dollar foolish. The book will give sellers insight that can be applied.

All leads are attracted by your ad. You need to market the points that a buyer would like to know as an example, Pizza Shop Nets $100k, only $200k total with $50k down, closed Monday. An ad should be designed to get the buyer to make contact, a short and sweet ad, not a book.

Our books tell you like it is, how to read a buyer and seller, how to read employees. Our books are designed to answer questions about all aspects of business.